About Me

Willkommen! When I was a graduate exchange student in Vienna during autumn of 2002, I experienced German MTV for the first time!  At first I thought it was just funny to watch guys rapping in German and pimping out old German cars.  Then I started to appreciate the music and enjoy discovering German music that wasn't the stereotypical beer garden polka stuff that everyone thinks of.

Soon I found myself spending a lot of time in German music stores, exploring the sounds and styles of artists previously unknown to me.  I bought a few CDs and listened to them over and over.  Despite poor German skills, I soon found myself singing along as best I could and trying to translate the lyrics to understand what they were singing about.  It was so much fun listening to it that I couldn't help but think that more high school and college students could really be inspired to learn new languages if it was as fun as this.

The goal of my new blog is to make learning German more fun for American students and expose them to German pop culture.  I will do my best to:
  • Share current hits as well as my favorites from the past 10 years or so
  • Sample a wide variety of artists and musical genres
  • Post links to more information about the performers
  • Include song lyrics for you to read as you listen, in order to aid comprehension

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